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Mocha Chip Frozen Coffee

It's the middle of Summer - and it is HOT outside!! So what could be more refreshing than a nice COLD frozen coffee drink?

Well, the problem with most frozen coffee drinks, is that they are loaded with sugar (about 15 teaspoons for a medium or Grande size). And if you get a sugar free version - it is made with icky artificial sweeteners. Plus, all that dairy that most frozen coffee drinks contain can be bloating (who wants to be bloated in the Summertime? Or ever?)

I have the solution! My version is dairy-free, rich in magnesium, protein & anti-aging collagen; and best of all - it has NO ADDED SUGARS!!!



  1. Put the Ripple milk into the blender, add the instant coffee, collagen creamer, cacao, Pyure sweetener, salt, and vanilla - give it a whirl on low to combine everything. Let it soak for a minute for the instant coffee to dissolve.

  2. Add in the ice - and blend until smooth & desired thickness (add more ice if you like it thicker).

  3. Taste & adjust as needed (add more Pyure if you want it sweeter, more cacao if you want more chocolate taste, etc).

  4. Add in the chocolate chips and blend until they are broken up into flecks (whole chips just sink to the bottom of your glass).

  5. Pour & enjoy right away!

For more Nutritious and Delicious recipes, check out Sara's Cooking Show "Nutritious & Delicious with Sara Vance". There are also over 50 recipes in her book The Perfect Metabolism Plan.

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