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the perfect metabolism plan

The real secret to reaching your ideal weight and vibrant health is to reset the underlying metabolism.  

  • Tired of diets and calorie counting?
  • Sick of losing and gaining back the same 5-10 pounds?
  • Worried you are stuck with extra midsection weight?
  • Want to restore your energy & reach your ideal weight?​

The Perfect Metabolism Plan dispels the diet myths that got so many of us into this state of poor health, low energy, and excess weight gain. Learn the 10 keys to optimizing your metabolism to finally achieve vibrant health, energy and a healthy weight – for good! 


  • Intro: Why Diets Don't Work

  • Chapter 1: Break up with Sugar - Stop Burning Sugar & Start Burning Fat

  • Chapter 2: Fix Your Fats - Healthy Fats Are Critical to a Perfect Metabolism

  • Chapter 3: Heal the Gut - Balance Digestion and the Inner Ecosystem

  • Chapter 4: Identify Food Intolerances - Are Some Foods Making You Foggy, Fatigued & Fat?

  • Chapter 5: Lose the Toxic Weight - Toxins Tell Our Bodies to Store Fat and Promote Disease

  • Chapter 6: Put Out the Fire of Inflammation - "The Silent Killer" 

  • Chapter 7: Stop the Madness - Lower Stress, the Switch that Slows the Metabolism & Turns on Disease

  • Chapter 8: Ditch the Convenience Foods - Our Bodies Need Nutrients!

  • Chapter 9: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate - Dehydration May Be Slowing Your Metabolism & Making You Sick

  • Chapter 10: Exercise Smarter (Not Harder)

  • Chapter 11: Metabolism Hacks - Timing May Be Everything

Mark Houston, MD, MS, MSc

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Heart Disease and What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypertension

"The Perfect Metabolism Plan brings simplicity to complexity and applied science to your life to master your health. Sara has the background, training, and credentials to teach us how to make your metabolism and well-being the perfect 10. This book stands out among similar books for its readability, accuracy, and practicality."

"The Perfect Metabolism Plan busts powerful, long-standing myths that have stood in the way of achieving good health and balanced weight for decades. This book gives the reader a true understanding of how food affects them and why not all calories are created equal. An approachable, fun, and empowering action plan that teaches you how to eat real food and regain your health and metabolism for the long-term!"

"Important, accessible, smart. This book offers a realistic plan that gently coaches the reader while exposing the underlying causes of weight problems and virtually every disease. This is the book every doctor should give their patient, and anyone interested in health should have on the shelf. Brava!" 

Julia B. Greer, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, author of The Anti-Breast Cancer Cookbook

"Sara Vance has written an intriguing book that creatively examines modern ideas about health and wellness and the various facets influencing metabolism. Her stance on choosing whole foods over processed foods, developing a non-inflammatory diet, and learning to exercise smarter should be embraced by anyone looking to make lasting lifestyle changes." 

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