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Taking the Break Up With Sugar program has been truly life changing. I cannot thank Sara enough for all she has taught me! Thanks to her wonderful tips, knowledge and recipes, I have been able to regain control of my health and break my addiction to sugar. In the process of doing this e-course, I have lost 9 lbs so far, just through cutting out sugar and eating more healthy fats and proteins. Now that my eyes have been opened to the dangers of eating too much sugar, I am determined to make this a lifelong change. I look forward to being the healthiest and fittest version of myself!! I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to break a sugar addiction but needs the support and tools to do so, or anyone who wants to gain knowledge and eat healthier.

- Kate Holmes

Lost 9 pounds!

Sara's "Break Up With Sugar" program has literally changed my life! I work from home and after a mid-day light meal, I would simply crash and have to lie down for an hour. I couldn't figure out why and when I signed up for the program, I had no idea that it had to do with sugar. Seriously, now that I have gone through the course and changed my eating habits, I no longer find the need to lie down in the afternoon. I also have no cravings what-so-ever. Even better? I have lost 7 pounds and my roomie (a male) has lost 24 pounds!

It was much easier than I expected to break up with sugar (AND my daily Diet Cokes). And I really don't miss it at all. I think that's because Sara provided us with so many delicious low-carb recipes and new types of foods to try. She also explained how to read the labels and to determine how so many "healthy" products are really just filled with sugar. I now look at these products and cringe!

If you want to get healthier and feel better, take this course!

- Shelley Webb

I have lost 7 pounds and my roomie has lost 24!!

"When I first signed up for the Break up with Sugar program, I expected to attend a typical course, and I was skeptical about my ability to follow through. However, Sara's teaching style and masterful way of combining information, meaningful actions, and engaging conversations guided me to make a complete shift in my attitude toward sugar and my overall lifestyle. The Break up with Sugar program is much more than a course. It is a delightful and rewarding journey to a better life! I can't recommend this course highly enough, and I would eagerly attend any program Sara creates!"

- Shara Haberman

Much more than a "course"!

I loved the Break up with Sugar course! I came into it thinking this would be all about sugar...and it is...but, it's so much more. Not only do I pay attention to the sugar in my foods now (and adjust what I'm eating accordingly), I have a better insight into my overall wellness. Sara doesn't just walk you through the facts about sugar, she helps you dig deep and connect to WHY you want to be healthier and break up with sugar. This is the key piece! In addition to all of the guidance, education, and support, Sara provides a fantastic recipe book. I've been working my way through the recipes and LOVE them...such a game changer for eating healthier. I also really loved her supplement guide. I've been taking the vitamins and enjoying the protein powder she recommends (I had been searching for months for a good protein powder and this one is the best!). Overall, I recommend this course to anyone wanting to get a good understanding of sugar and how it impacts your overall health. It's thorough and supportive. I really hope Sara creates more nutrition based e-Courses...I'm totally on board if she does!

- Vicky Cook

So Much More Clarity & Awareness!

For the first time I am finished with craving sugar. Sara has provided a well-balanced course with the knowledge and tools I need to really understand what sugar does to my body and what I need to do to carry on throughout my life to have a healthy relationship with my body. Sugar no longer controls me; I am in charge of my health.

- Mary Rosewood

Finished with Craving Sugar!

I found Break up with Sugar to be an amazing course. I signed up just to see what I might learn. I never imagined I was addicted to sugar!!! I learned so much about food, what is in it and how it affects me. I was able to immediately implement changes which have been fabulous. I never thought a smoothie would fill me up for breakfast. I used to eat breakfast and then a snack before lunch. Now I eat a smoothie and maybe a small muffin from the recipe book and am good until after noon. I have been introduced to supplements and powders about which I had not previously been aware. Love, love, love all this information, support, and application. I can't thank you enough!

- Joy Braun

Amazing Course!

I was scared to death to take the Break up with Sugar course, but I knew I needed to gain control over my sugar cravings. Wow! This course was just what I needed. Sara is so relatable and such an excellent teacher. I was never intimidated and was given the tools to not just break up with sugar for a few weeks, but for the rest of my life while being able to live life to the fullest. I am so excited for the journey that lies before me and feel that I have been given the tools needed to keep on the right path. I am truly thankful for this course and I highly recommend it!

- Melissa Graham

Awesome experience!

The Break up with Sugar course has been really great for me. It is packed with information about sugar and not only why you should quit, but how to actually do it! I really felt as if Sara was holding my hand the whole way through, but now feel able to continue with my sugar free journey due to all the recipes provided. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wishing to start living a healthier lifestyle.

- Lisa Knox

5 Star Program!

I am a wellness professional and still managed to learn new information regarding sugar and its negative effects. The pace of the course was manageable and it was easy to integrate into my daily eating habits. I believe the way the course is structured, the amount of information presented, and access to Sara and the Facebook community make this program a must if you struggle with sugar. Thank you for these new tools, Sara! This is what I needed to simplify the removal of hidden sugar in my daily diet. I'm so glad I was able to participate in and experience the Break Up with Sugar Program.

- Chely Cordova

Compassionate & Straightforward

The Break Up With Sugar course is so much more than the name implies.  Yes you will break up with sugar, but you will also replace sugar with a delicious new healthy way of eating.  As a result of this class I’m more aware of the foods I eat, making me healthier and giving my skin a beautiful glow!  Thank you Sara Vance!”

- Theresa Emanuel

My Skin is Glowing!

Break Up With Sugar is a first-class starting point for any nutritional life transformation.  If you can reduce the hypnotic hold that the sugar rush has on your life, you can then start to tackle other mountains.  Many of us are not aware of how much "stealth sugar" is in our seemingly healthy diets. 

So - Choice #1: do you need this class?  If you are breathing and on Planet Earth, the answer is Yes. 2nd Question: why this class?  How do I love it, let me count the ways:  The focus starts with the mental preparation [yeah, I know you think you don't need it; take a deep breath and just set that belief aside for a moment, neither believing nor disbelieving it, lots of deep breaths until you can just go through the materials conscientiously regardless].  The course is super-comprehensive: there are lots of not only good ideas but the recipes that everyone loves to have.  Sara is very responsive to student recipes and addenda, and when she disagrees with a conclusion or concept, she does so respectfully. This is the sign of a true professional and client-focused adviser. Example:  I am a fellow nutrition expert and disagree with some of her precepts; I embrace soy and encourage consumption of wheat gluten as a protein powerhouse for everyone who isn't actually/tested as medically intolerant.  It doesn't matter!  You don't have to agree with every single bit of advice to find the overall program very valuable, which I emphatically do!  Sign up today - you'll be glad you did!"

- Victoria Leo

Reduce the hypnotic hold that the sugar rush has on your life!

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