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Chive and Zucchini Mini Omelettes

I love making these mini omelettes in muffin tins – because they are easy and you always have leftovers. These are easy enough to get the kids involved – so why not make a batch for Mom for Mother’s Day? Bonus – because this makes quite a bit, there should be leftovers so mom won’t have to make breakfast on Monday either!! Ingredients: 9 large organic free range eggs 1 medium sized organic* zucchini, grated – approx. 3/4 cup 3/4 cup of chopped baby spinach (about 3 handfuls before chopping) chopped fresh chives – about 1 Tablespoon (add more if you like more!) 1/2 teaspoon of high quality salt 1/4 cup of water Optional: 1/2 cup of grated cheese 1-2 slices of bacon or ham, chopped Optional

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