Sara is a passionate advocate for natural approaches to health, she shares her tips here.

Is COVID a Canary in the Coalmine for Our Health?

5 Tips for Moving our health not to a "new normal," but a "new phenomonal." In the early 1900s, before technology to detect carbon monoxide existed, the coal miners would carry canaries down into the mines to detect carbon monoxide. Canaries are very sensitive to carbon monoxide, and served as a warning signal to miners when levels were unsafe. Because of this, canaries have become a metaphor for warning signs. Is COVID the canary in the coal mine for our health? I think many of us take our health for granted, we don't really think much about it, until a health issue crops up. I always say, if we don't prioritize our health, it will jump up there on it's own. One lesson that I think COVID

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