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Lunch & Lecture Topics*: 

  • Boost Your Metabolism – Just because we get older, does not mean our metabolism has to slow down! Sara is the author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan, and she has the tips you need to get your metabolism fired up!  Healing the metabolism is not just about our weight - it also is a key factor for disease prevention and more!

  • Stress Management 101 – Excess stress leads to weight gain, reduced immunity, and increased risk of diseases. Understand how to reduce your stress levels, and improve your health.

  • Break Up with Sugar – Do you have doughnuts and candy all over the office? Not only does a high sugar diet contribute to weight gain, it also lowers our immune system and increases our disease risk.  Learn about the downsides of a high sugar diet & how to break free from sweets – for good (without going crazy).

  • DeCoding the Top Nutrition Trends - from intermittent fasting to keto, Nutritionist Sara Vance will help you understand these trends, and help you understand how to make them work for you.

  • Prevent Colds & Flu Naturally – Does cold and flu season hit your office hard? Find out Sara's tips for boosting the immune system. Nutrition and supplements to prevent viruses from taking hold, and what to take at first sign to stop it in it’s tracks. Great for beginning of cold and flu season!

  • 5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes – Frustrated with diets? It’s no wonder – there is a lot of misinformation out there about what works and what doesn’t. Sara will dispel the myths and explain why most diets don’t work! Your diet is a failure – not you!

  • Easy & Energizing Snacks – do you reach for candy bars or caffeine to boost your energy during the day? Sara shares healthy alternatives for snacks.  Find out why your company might want to swap the candy bowls out for more nutritious options.

  • Boost Your Brainpower! – Do you feel foggy and tired? Hit a slump every afternoon? Learn about nutritional approaches to help to boost your brain functioning, focus & attention.

  • Disease Prevention – Sara offers lectures on various areas of disease prevention – including diabetes prevention, heart health, breast cancer prevention, and more.  Food is powerful medicine.

  • Staying Healthy on the Road – It is not always easy to stay healthy while traveling – Sara can offer some tips and tricks for staying healthy and some ways to stay on track nutritionally while on the road. 



The Perfect Metabolism Plan 

Frustrated by dieting and calorie counting?  That's because they do not work.  The secret to optimal weight and health is healing the metabolism.  Nutritionist Sara Vance wrote the book The Perfect Metabolism Plan to educate people on the key factors for resetting the metabolism.


Resetting the metabolism goes beyond weight, it is the foundation of our health.  Healing the metabolism could be the best thing you did for your health - ever.  Many diseases today that were once thought to be genetic - are now being called "metabolic diseases' - including cancer and Alzheimers disease.   Each employee will learn the 10 keys to boost their metabolism and improve their overall health. The program includes:

  • Three 45 minute interactive, motivational & educational nutrition lectures (or webinars) where employees will learn nutritional tips to boost their metabolism, focus and energy; and prevent diseases 

  • Emails to motivate employees and reinforce the messages from the lectures.

  • Each employee will get a copy of Sara's book 'The Perfect Metabolism Plan' 

The Plant Power 21 Program

Did you know that the recommended number of servings of vegetables and fruit is not 5 a day – but 9? Most Americans are lucky if they get 3. Most of us are not getting anywhere near the amount of vegetables and fruits we should be in our daily diets. Increasing the amount of plant-based foods in your diet is linked to a longer & healthier life, and a reduced risk of many diseases!

This fun program will educate employees about the nutritional benefits of getting more plant-based foods - just by changing one meal each week.

  • Week 1 is breakfast - find out many ways to incorporate plant based foods in your morning meal, and see how you feel during the day.

  • Week 2 is lunch - see what a healthy lunch with plants can do for your afternoon energy.

  • Week 3 is dinner - ending a long day with a dinner with delicious plant based foods is great for you.

By the end of this 3 week program,  you will have figured out how to get 9 servings of plant based foods every day - with ease!!  This could change your life forever!! 

Break Up with Sugar! 

Did you know that the office candy bowl and vending machine items could be hindering employee productivity, increasing their sick days, and more? Breaking up with sugar is one of the best and most important things for boosting energy, brain function, mood function, immune system, disease prevention, and overall health. Employees will get a daily email lesson which will teach them about the downsides of sugar consumption, where it is hiding, and how to get it out of their diet (without going crazy).

*All of Sara's programs are available live, or delivered remotely via the Internet.  Some of her programs are available in a self-paced classroom.  Talk to Sara about your specific needs and wishes for your employees health goals.

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