What is "Skinny Starch"?

February 25, 2017


Have you heard of resistant starch?  Resistant starch is sometimes called the "Skinny Starch" because it can improve digestion, stabilize insulin and blood sugar, provid longer lasting energy, improved digestion and gut bacteria - all of which could potentially mean flatter bellies and weight loss.


Resistant Starch is a type of carbohydrate that "resists" digestion, meaning it passes through the stomach and the small intestine relatively unchanged.  When it reaches the colon, it serves as a prebiotic fiber. A pre-biotic is different than a pro-biotic. A pre-biotic feeds the probiotic (good) bacteria. So you want both - in order to keep the good bacteria (probiotics) in your colon happy - you need to regularly feed them (prebiotics).


Types of resistant starches:

  • Certain foods contain resistant starch naturally such as plant-based foods with a cellular structure that offers some resistance to digestion - like legumes, tiger nuts, cassava, and whole grains

  • Certain kinds of starch are naturally resist