The "Frosty"


As a foodie and a nutritionist – I believe that it is possible for food to be both delicious and nutritious– it just takes a little ingenuity in the kitchen!!  I love to make “upgraded” healthier version of foods – like this Wendy’s style “Frosty!


When I am choosing what I put into my body, it needs to taste great and support my body and brain to function at it’s best.  Foods that are high in sugar might fit the bill on taste – but they will just make you crash and burn and feel like crap in the end.  Plus, it is easy to make something taste great if you just load up on the sugar – where is the challenge in that?  Overtime, a high sugar diet can lead to a host of health issues – read 20 Reasons to Break Up with Sugar to learn more.


To me, it is just not worth the impact on my health to eat high sugar foods – especially when